Unleash Your Wild Side: An Artistic Exploration Around The Globe

Ignite your artistic spirit and delve into the breathtaking diversity of our planet. This innovative program invites you to embark on a twelve-day adventure, transforming you into a globe-trotting artist as you further investigate the beautiful wonders of various ecosystems.

This fun course is split into twelve hands-on lessons. The topics include:

Day 1: Habitats: Uncover the diversity of our planet’s environments by creating your own art that mimics the textures and shapes found in different habitats.

Day 2: Grasslands: Collaborate on an art piece using found objects, capturing the vibrant tapestry of life thriving in the vast grasslands.

Day 3: Rainforests: Create stunning collages using vibrant colors and textures, portraying the layered canopy and diverse life forms of the rainforest.

Day 4: Desert: Embrace the harsh beauty of the desert by using contrasting colors and minimalist techniques to depict the unique adaptations of desert life.

Day 5: Temperate Forest: Celebrate the cyclical nature of the temperate forest by crafting mandalas from natural materials like leaves and twigs.

Day 6: Taiga: Translate the subarctic landscape into art, using materials and techniques that capture the essence of the taiga’s unique characteristics.

Day 7: Ocean: Dive into the depths of the ocean with your creative spirit! Explore various mediums to express the diverse life forms and vastness of this incredible ecosystem.

Day 8: Freshwater: Discover the vibrant world of freshwater ecosystems through creative projects, showcasing the unique plants and animals that call these freshwater environments home.

Day 9: The Poles: Capture the stark beauty of the frozen landscapes in your artwork, using techniques that convey the unique character of the polar regions.

Day 10: Night: Explore the wonders of the night sky through artistic expression, capturing the celestial dance of stars and planets.

Day 11: Underground: Embark on a creative journey beneath the surface, using art to depict the hidden world found underground.

Day 12: Aboriginal Dot Paintings: Immerse yourself in the rich cultural heritage of Aboriginal Australians by learning the techniques of dot painting and creating your own piece.

So, are you ready to Unleash Your Wild Side?

Unleash Your Wild Side Summer Camp Kit

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