Rogue Rodent Mystery: Lessons

The lessons listed below will provide a detailed description of the activities, preparation and materials needed to complete each of the twelve lessons. Now, let’s get started. Click the Student Introduction link below to begin!


Lesson 1: Observing the Clues: Investigation with Your Senses

Lesson 2: Recording Your Findings: Sketching the Scene

Lesson 3: Listening to a Witness: Creating a Composite Sketch

Lesson 4: Analyzing Alibis: Monitoring the Movement of Suspects

Lesson 5: Applying Physics: Studying Force and a Falling Skeleton

Lesson 6: Inspecting Pattern Evidence: Comparing Shoe Prints

Lesson 7: Researching Rodents: Discovering a Guinea Pig’s Survival Needs

Lesson 8: Following Colorful Clues: Making Orange Paint

Lesson 9: Weighing the Evidence: Testing the Scales of Justice

Lesson 10: Considering the Confession: Understanding Misunderstandings!