Missing Money Mystery: Lessons

The lessons listed below will provide a detailed description of the activities, preparation and materials needed to complete each of the twelve lessons. Now, let’s get started. Click the Student Introduction link below to begin!

The Missing Money Mystery: Student Introduction

Lesson 1: Figuring out Forensics: Organization and Observation

Lesson 2: Securing the Scene: Collecting Evidence

Lesson 3: Powder Power: Solutions or Suspensions

Lesson 4: Natural or Not: Fiber Identification

Lesson 5: Tracking the Tires: Tread Patterns

Lesson 6: Digging for Dirt: Soil Samples

Lesson 7: Cast a Clue: Shoe Print Evidence

Lesson 8: Crack the Code: Cryptograms

Lesson 9: Lifting Lips: Lip Prints

Lesson 10: Proof in Profiling: DNA Identification

Lesson 11: Suspicious Statements: Means, Motive, Opportunity

Lesson 12: Case Closed: Analyzing Evidence