Lesson 9: Lifting Lips: Lip Prints Copy

Lesson 9: Lifting Lips!

Does our crook have a crooked smile? Learners “lift,” classify, and compare their own lip prints in order to unlock the patterns of this unique form of evidence.

This lesson is also an opportunity to discuss fingerprints, and the difference between unique evidence and conclusive evidence. Unique evidence may point to one person, but it’s not always conclusive! Ask students for other sources of prints (such as hands and feet).

Lesson Objectives

  • Observe, analyze and identify lip prints; and “lift” and each analyze their own lip print
  • Record and graph data using student examples
  • Match lip print found on crime scene envelope to suspect prints

Next, simply click the links below for further instructions and steps on how to get started!


  • 40 portion cups
  • 2 wooden splints
  • powder (cornstarch)
  • lipstick
  • petroleum jelly
  • wide clear tape
  • 7 index cards
  • black marker
  • wipes
  • photos of lip print on envelope
  • Student Book pages (on Resource CD)

Students (Groups of Three)

  • 3 pencils
  • 3 index cards
  • 1 mirror
  • 3 wooden splints
  • 1 portion cup of powder
  • 3 portion cups of lipstick and petroleum jelly
  • 1 feather
  • wipes
  • 1 ruler
  • 1 hand lens
  • 1 package of crayons
  • 1 roll of transparent tape
  • 3 tissues