Lesson 7: Cast a Clue: Shoe Print Evidence Copy

Lesson 7: Cast a Clue!

The guilty party had no idea what they had stepped in. Students analyze shoe prints left at the crime scene to determine if any of the suspects were there.

You should prepare for this lesson my making a shoe print of your own so that you have a “working example” to show to the students.

Lesson Objectives

  • Make their own shoe impression using forensic techniques
  • Analyze their prints for distinguishing characteristics
  • Observe, measure, compare, and describe the shoe print characteristics of four suspects and the print found at the crime scene
  • Match the shoe print pattern left at the crime scene with one from a suspect

Next, simply click the links below for further instructions and steps on how to get started!


  • 3 scrub brushes
  • 3 clear shoe shine sponges
  • 3 small paint brushes
  • 2 packages of dusting powder
  • 3 portion cups
  • blank copy paper (not provided)
  • wipes and/or paper towels

Students (Groups of Two)

  • 1 hand lens
  • 2 pencils
  • Student Book pages (on Resource CD)