Lesson 12: Case Closed: Analyzing Evidence Copy

Lesson 12: Case Closed!

Students test their analytical skills when all of the evidence is laid on the table—and will lead our detectives to point their collective fingers at the guilty party: mystery solved!

Critical thinking gets a workout in Lesson 12. As you work, remind students that what they are doing in analysis is the same sort of thing they do in preparing an essay or writing a report: they gather disparate pieces of information and try to put it into a coherent whole.

This activity really tests brainpower and creativity. When the course is completed and the crime has been solved, don’t hesitate to issue a “Crime Investigator’s License” to your students.

Lesson Objectives

  • Transfer all evidence summaries to final forensic summary
  • Review, examine, and analyze relevant evidence gathered previously
  • Use deductive reasoning to develop a theory for the crime
  • Use facts to support ideas and theories

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  • Certificates of Completion (on Missing Money Mystery Resource CD), print 1 per student

Student (Groups of Three)

  • 3 Student Book pages (on Resource CD)
  • 3 pencils