Lesson 1: Heads Up: Observation Skills

Cookie Jar Mystery Lesson 1: Heads Up
Lesson 1: Heads Up!

You can’t believe your eyes or can you? Budding CSI investigators love to explore the challenge of visual memory and eyewitness testimony in this activity of “Did You See That?”

Take your time as you work through and discussing the two activities in this lesson. It is important that an additional adult is prearranged to come help out with activity 1. Make sure that you confirm this in advance. This lesson is a great opportunity to talk with students about being detailed scientific observers.

Lesson Objectives

  • Practice observational skills by trying to notice and recall details in a photograph
  • Learn about the job of a document examiner and the techniques used in handwriting analysis
  • Practice observational skills of comparing and contrasting characteristics of handwriting

Next, simply click the links below for further instructions and steps on how to get started!


  • 10 sets of “practice pictures” (2 pictures per set)
  • 3 Cookie Jar Mystery crime scene photos

Students (Per Group Of Three)

  • Student Book pages (on Resource CD)
  • 3 pencils