Lesson 1: Figuring out Forensics: Organization and Observation Copy

Lesson 1: Figuring out Forensics!

A mysterious “bag of stuff,” and some peculiar coins launch learners on the trail of a fugitive from justice. Explore the power of description in this exciting introductory lesson.

Take your time as you work through the activities in this lesson. Activity 1, which seems deceptively simple, communicates the concept of properties and descriptive wording. Then move on to the coin activity to further practice these new techniques.

Lesson Objectives

  • Use senses to record written observations
  • Apply the properties of shape, texture, size, color, odor, and sound to record observations
  • Use written information to identify objects
  • Collect data through the use of measurement

Next, simply click the links below for further instructions and steps on how to get started!


  • black marker
  • plastic coins
  • 15 plastic cups
  • 15 paper bags
  • 15 textured objects

Students (Per Pair)

  • 2 Student Book pages (on Resource CD)
  • 2 pencils
  • 1 ruler with inches and centimeters
  • 1 cup of coins (5 in each)
  • 1 magnifier
  • 1 paper bag with 1 textured object inside
  • 1 black marker