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  • Interrogate: To rigorously question suspects thought to be guilty of a crime
  • Interview: To collect information from people
  • Means: A way or an ability to commit a crime or perform an action. Answers the question: how? For example, a car was spray painted with graffiti, and a can of the same paint was found on the suspect
  • Motive: A reason to commit a crime or perform another action. Answers the question: why? For example, someone was starving so he or she stole food
  • Opportunity: The chance or ability to commit a crime at a given place and time. Answers the questions: when and how? For example, a crime was committed at 3 p.m. and Josie was walking her dog at the location of the scene of the crime at 3 p.m
  • Suspect Statement: A written or recorded response to questions from investigators by a suspect about a crime