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  • Body Language: how a suspect holds herself during an interview
  • Means: the resources to do something. Ex. A suspect has a boat, therefore he has the means to access the island where the crime occurred
  • Motive: the inner drive, or reason, that causes a suspect to commit a crime. Ex. A man who feels angry that his neighbor is always raking leaves on to his property has a motive to cut down all his neighbor’s trees in the middle of the night
  • Interview: a question and answer session between two people, used to obtain information
  • Opportunity: a combination of circumstances that are favorable for a purpose. Ex. freshly baked brownies were left on the counter when the boy came home from school and there was no one around to tell him not to eat them, so he did
  • Statement: a record written by an individual that describes his whereabouts and actions during a specific period of time