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Preparation Overview

Use the chart below as a reference for preparing for the following activities or download the PDF.

Lesson Print/Copy Organize Kit Supplies Prepare Acquire Additional Supplies
Lesson 1 Observing The Clues: Investigating With Your Senses Student Book pages iii-6 • Teacher Resource Thumb Drive • Air freshener • Senses cards • Person of interest script • Scissors • Blindfolds • Earplugs • Small bandages • Plastic spoon • 250 mL beaker • Red tempera paint • Pencils • Set up Teacher Resource Thumb Drive • Make red paint • Arrange for an adult (person of interest) to come into your room at a designated time • Cut out the required number of senses cards • Print Vocabulary Words • Water
Lesson 2 Recording Your Findings: Sketching The Scene Student Book pages 7-10 • Crime scene tape • Flip chart • Scaled dog photos • Scaled doghouse photos • Crime scene sketch • Mrs. Hawkins’s 1st letter • Scissors • Evidence Envelope • Marker • Cut out the dogs and doghouses • Address the Evidence Envelope to your school and your class • Cell phone, digital camera, or note paper • Clock with second hand
Lesson 3 Listening To A Witness: Creating A Composite Sketch Student Book pages 11-14 • Examples of composite sketches • “Artist” and “sketch” stickers • Centimeter cubes • Plastic cups • Pencils • Crayons • Count cubes into plastic cups  
Lesson 4 Analyzing Alibis: Monitoring The Movement Of Suspects Student Book pages 15-26 • Copy of suspect photos • Evidence Envelope • Copy of Mrs. Hawkins’s 2nd letter • Flip chart • Marker • Copies of alibi cards for each suspect • Scissors • Pencils • Choose and label the appropriate suspects for your class • Arrange suspect photos near flip chart • Place Mrs. Hawkins’s letter in the Evidence Envelope  
Lesson 5 Applying Physics: Studying Force And A Falling Skeleton Student Book pages 27-36 • Copy of Cavia Elementary School map • Sketch of Mrs. Hawkins’s crime scene • Set of directional stickers • Stress balls • Figurines • Rulers • Crayons • Pencils • Designate large flat areas for groups to work  
Lesson 6 Inspecting Pattern Evidence: Comparing Shoe Prints Student Book pages 37-44 • Scissors • Plastic cups • Card stock paper • Spray bottles • Rulers • Centimeter cubes • Crayons • Pencils • Cut sheets of card stock in half • Count out centimeter cubes into plastic cups • Fill spray bottles with water • Try the shoe print experiment to get a good idea of how it works best • Water • Paper towels
Lesson 7 Researching Rodents: Discovering A Guinea Pig’s Survival Needs Student Book pages 45-51 • Copies of Alice’s photo • Copy of Mrs. Hawkins’s 3rd letter • Evidence Envelope • Markers • Crayons • Posterboard sheets • Pencils • Gather print resources about guinea pigs from a local or school library • Optional: set up classroom for online access to resources about guinea pigs • Place Mrs. Hawkins’s letter in the Evidence Envelope • Books about guinea pigs • Optional: computers with Internet access
Lesson 8 Following Colorful Clues: Making Orange Paint Student Book pages 52-56 • Red, blue, and yellow tempera paint powders • 1,000 mL beaker • 250 mL beakers • Coffee scoop • Mixing spoon • Flip Chart • Marker • Copy of Mrs. Hawkins’s 4th letter • Evidence Envelope • Foam plates • Suspect stickers • Wooden stir sticks • Pencils • Mix paints and pour into beakers for each group • Arrange beakers of paint on foam plates • Place Mrs. Hawkins’s letter in the Evidence Envelope • Paper towels
Lesson 9 Weighing The Evidence: Testing The Scales Of Justice Student Book pages 57-58 • Copy of suspect photos • Copies of Lady Justice • Plastic cups • Centimeter cubes • Pan balances • Index cards • Markers • Pencils • Count out centimeter cubes into cups • Display suspect photos • One monetary bill of any denomination
Lesson 10 Considering The Confession: Understanding Misunderstandings! Student Book pages 59-63 • Evidence Envelope • Copy of Mrs. Hawkins’s final letter • Guinea pig stickers • Posterboard sheets • Crayons • Markers • Pencil • Place Mrs. Hawkins’s letter in the Evidence Envelope • Optional: celebration supplies