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Preparation and Tutorial Video


  • Have your students practice using their five senses before this activity.
  • Setup a DVD player in the classroom.
  • Using the beaker and the plastic spoon, make a small amount of red paint: mix 2 heaping spoonful’s of red tempera paint powder with 1 Tbsp. of water. Stir until smooth.
  • Arrange for a non-class member, preferably an adult, to visit your class as the person of interest (POI) at a designated time. Provide the POI with a loose script (see activity) and instructions.
  • Prepare the Senses Cards deck by cutting out the cards. Use two no-eye cards, two no-nose cards, two no-ear cards and enough full-face cards so that each person in the class may draw one card from the deck.
  • Print Vocabulary Words

For further instruction, watch the video tutorial below and read the Instructor Notes in the next topic. The Instructor Notes can also be found within the kit’s Instructor’s Guide.

Video Tutorial