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Preparation and Tutorial Video


  • Organize soil samples:
    • Label 15 portion cups for each of samples A, B, C, D and E (Evidence) for a total of 75.
    • Place 1 tablespoon of loam into all of the cups labeled A, B and E (total of 45 cups).
    • Place 1 tablespoon of sandy soil into all C cups (15 total).
    • Place 1 tablespoon of clay soil into all of the D cups (15 total).
    • Place 1 cup of each sample on a foam plate.
    • Make 15 plates, each containing 5 samples.
  • Fill container with water. Use it to fill dropper bottles.
  • Assemble student supplies. Students will work in pairs.

For further instruction, watch the video tutorial below and read the Instructor Notes in the next topic. The Instructor Notes can also be found within the kit’s Instructor’s Guide.


Video Tutorial