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Preparation and Tutorial Video


  • Write “nylon” on a piece of construction paper; do the same with the words “cotton,” “wool,” “acetate,” and “evidence.”
  • Prepare fabric samples:
    • Cut cotton fabric into 20 pieces.
    • Put 10 pieces on the sheet of construction paper labeled “cotton”.
    • Put remaining 10 on paper labeled “evidence.”
    • Repeat with “nylon,” “acetate” and “wool,” 10 samples of each.
  • Tear off 10 pieces of wide tape (several inches long) and place on edges of student desks or tables.
  • Place a candle in the center of the aluminum tray.
  • Assemble student supplies.
  • Fill container with water as a safety precaution.
  • Place water, matches, tray and candles, tongs, tweezers, tape, and fabric samples on a nearby table.

For further instruction, watch the video tutorial below and read the Instructor Notes in the next topic. The Instructor Notes can also be found within the kit’s Instructor’s Guide.


Video Tutorial