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Preparation and Tutorial Video


  • Write “baking soda” on one sheet of light colored construction paper; write “Plaster of Paris” on another, “powdered sugar” on another, “salt” on another, and “evidence” on the last.
  • Organize powders:
    • Place 1 tablespoon of baking soda into 20 portion cups
    • Place 10 cups on paper labeled baking soda
    • Place 10 cups on paper labeled evidence
    • Rinse and dry tablespoon
    • Repeat for remaining 3 powders, but only make 10 cups each
    • Place 1 tablespoon of Plaster of Paris in a cup for demonstration. (Never place in sink! Always throw in garbage.)
  • Organize dropper bottles
    • Tear off 20 small pieces of masking tape
    • Write “V” on 10 pieces of tape
    • Place on 10 dropper bottles
    • Write “W” on 10 pieces of tape
    • Place on remaining 10 bottles
    • Using the container, fill the 10 “W” bottles with water
    • Using the funnel, fill the 10 “V” bottles with vinegar.
  • Organize student supplies.
  • For demonstrating the first set of experiments, set aside: 1 cup of Plaster of Paris, 1 bottle each of water and vinegar, wooden splint, and 1 sheet of dark construction paper.
  • Place trash can in a central location.

For further instruction, watch the video tutorial below and read the Instructor Notes in the next topic. The Instructor Notes can also be found within the kit’s Instructor’s Guide.


Video Tutorial