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Preparation and Tutorial Video


  • Organize the mock crime scene:
    • If possible, move furniture to one end of the room to clear an area for setting the scene.
    • Turn over a chair. Place an opened bag or backpack next to it. Put some odds and ends near the bag to make it look as if the bag has been searched.
    • Sprinkle some sand near the chair.
    • Place “membership card” on floor between door and chair, but away from where students will sit.
    • Rub lotion on hands and place one hand on a window or chalkboard.
  • Using the 1/4 inch graph paper, create your mock crime scene sketch:
    • Put in windows, doors and evidence labeled A, B and C (Scale: 1/2 in=1 ft.)
    • Make enough copies for each student
  • Assemble supplies for student groups.
  • Leave the room and attach crime scene tape across doorway. Make sure you have the Instructor’s Guide.
  • Organize students in groups of 4.

For further instruction, watch the video tutorial below and read the Instructor Notes in the next topic. The Instructor Notes can also be found within the kit’s Instructor’s Guide.


Video Tutorial