Alliance for a Healthier Generation Joins The Walking Classroom

Let’s Help Build a Healthier Future for Our Youth!

The Mission

The Alliance for a Healthier Generation joined forces with The Walking Classroom to create a well-rounded program for children by addressing their physical, mental, and academic well-being. It combines physical activity with education, encouraging students to develop healthy habits while learning core subjects through engaging podcasts. This unique approach promotes not only physical fitness but also builds knowledge and fosters a strong foundation for healthy choices throughout life.

About Alliance for a Healthier Generation 

For over 15 years, Healthier Generation has been a champion for children’s well-being. They’ve been working non-stop to ensure that kids across the nation have healthy futures, driven by our community interventions and business sector solutions.

This amazing organization has joined forces with neighbors, community leaders, municipalities, corporations, and leaders in philanthropy to ignite change in communities that want to be healthier but don’t have the supports in place to thrive.

Their outstanding programs and resources have helped thousands of schools and youth-serving organizations, implementing policies and practices to support kids to eat better and move more. To date, Alliance for a Healthier Generation has impacted up to 30.8 million children in 52,000 schools, districts, and out-of-school time sites. These children are benefiting from better health-promoting practices, including physical education, daily recess, and meals that offer fruits and vegetables.  

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About The Walking Classroom

The Walking Classroom was first created in 2011 by Laura Fenn, M.S. Ed, for her fifth-grade classroom as a response to the lack of opportunities for physical activity for students during the school day. 

Laura Fenn’s “Walk, Listen, and Learn” program proved to be a game-changer in her classroom. Not only did student attitudes towards exercise become more positive, but their academic performance, particularly among struggling students, showed remarkable improvement at the end of the year. Inspired by this success, Fenn took the initiative to write and produce engaging podcasts that adhered to national educational standards, laying the foundation for The Walking Classroom program we see today; an award-winning program!

Apply for a Donated Set

The Walking Classroom is used in thousands of classrooms and after-school programs across the country. Teachers and out-of-school time facilitators who incorporate the program into their instruction benefit from:

  • The opportunity to simultaneously improve the health and build the knowledge base of their students
  • Free online training
  • Free supplemental resources including videos, slide decks, online and downloadable activities, and more.
  • Access to The Walking Classroom Blog, which provides teachers a platform to participate in a virtual Professional Learning Community to share best practices
  • Free professional development opportunities (by request)
  • Some fresh air and exercise each time they walk!

If you are a classroom teacher in a public school, The Walking Classroom Institute may be able to provide you with a classroom set of donated materials at no cost to you!

How to Apply

To apply for a donated set of materials, teachers must simply fill out a brief application and verification form. Click here to apply!

To fully experience the benefits of The Walking Classroom, educators can now access not just sample educational podcasts for their students, but also a brand new Teacher’s Guide. This comprehensive resource provides instructors with everything they need to implement the program effectively. Together, these resources equip teachers to seamlessly integrate engaging audio lessons with physical activity, fostering a well-rounded learning experience for their students. Click here to learn more and get your podcast samples today!

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