About Us

Community Learning was formed with a simple idea of creating activities that excite kids about learning.

It was founded by lifelong learner Mike DeBritz, who after working in two ed-tech start-ups, decided it was time to create his own educational venture. Mike was assisted by his creative wife Stacy who is an artist, educator and trainer. After allocating space in their basement, they went to work.

Early on Mike was fortunate to meet science educator Anthony Bertino and together the three of them collaborated on Community Learning’s first product, “The Cookie Jar Mystery: A Study in Forensic Science.” Their growth quickly exceeded the space and today Community Learning serves customers in all fifty states and Canada. 

Community Learning’s approach builds on the foundation of collaborative learning where students learn best from one another by working together to answer questions and solve problems. Each course is developed in consultation with subject area experts and includes age appropriate lessons integrated around a unique theme. Our experts are devoted to conducting topic research, developing meaningful lesson plans, testing activities and sourcing materials saving teachers valuable time.  

By offering in-depth topics students are given the opportunity to observe the connections between art, math, science, social studies, language arts, technology, and engineering. Our Course Kits result in enjoyable experiences because kids brainstorm, build, and create something by taking an active part in writing a movie script, investigating a classroom crime with forensic science, or defending a client in a mock trial!

This time-tested approach of learning-by-doing is guaranteed to spark an interest for young people, build confidence, enhance their skills, and ignite career possibilities—all while having fun!

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